DegenTech - we build advanced DeFi projects from scratch.

Who are we?

We are tech libertarians who want to eliminate financial coercion of any kind. We develop technologies that undermine traditional financial systems and provide alternative DeFi solutions for people. We know finances and how to code, we are experimenting with blockchains, we respect privacy, and we follow an open-source paradigm.

Our projects:

Short FAQ for newbies

  • Can I trust you?

    Unlike many "trusty" projects, our code is open source. Anyone can check code, contracts and make their own decision. Are you not a developer? Find someone whom you can trust and ask his advice. Trust not us but our code. We do not provide any other guarantees.

  • Will I earn money?

    Maybe, maybe not. You can even lose them. It's your solid responsibility to work with our projects. You must understand that you play on a high-risk DeFi field. You can earn 10X or lose everything. Always do your own research before any investment. If you have doubts -  DO NOT enter this game.

  • Why did you choose Tezos?

    We are experimenting. Tezos is a good playground and undervalued technology that we plan to make more popular.

  • How to contact you?

    You may write to us on Twitter. We don't provide any other contact information right now. Respect our privacy.